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Personal Website of Philip Goddard
- Composer, Author, Naturalist, Promoter of Self-Actualization
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A Celebration of Clear-Minded Creativity - Pointing to what is actually there - Not to what people believe is there
Home Page and Personal Website
of a Composer, Writer, Nature Photographer / Recordist
and Promoter of Self-Actualization / Self-Realization
with a challenging perspective on the nature of our reality...
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This site is Hub of four other related sites by Philip Goddard...
 Introduction to this and his other sites:
Do you want to be 'appropriate'? - Or authentic?

1. Self-Realization & Clear-Mindedness

Clarity of Being - logoOriginal writings that are challenging and clarifying. Read about enlightenment and the nature of reality;
Empower yourself for self-actualization and self-healing, and to resolve for yourself emotional and 'mental health' issues and troubles with addictions, habits, compulsions, fixations, attachments, 'dark force' interferences, 'voices' and troublesome 'entities'... -- All the writings free of religion-speak (or indeed religion) or esotericism!

Self-Realization & Clear-Mindedness - Cutting straight through belief and obfuscation - This site saves lives!

Potentially life-changing original writings include:

2. Music Compositions

Composer of highly original Symphonic, Orchestral, Choral, Organ and other instrumental works...

Music Compositions of Philip Goddard - Drawn from Nature, Wilderness, and the core of human experience beyond all belief

Music CD Store

CD cover artwork for Philip Goddard's Symphony 1 and 4

Listen to these examples on YouTube:
(MIDI simulations of actual performances)

Symphony 1 (Sagarmatha)
for orchestra with piano (21:44)

The Unknown
for organ + tuba

Music From the Mountain Waters
for orchestra + piano (13:16)

3. Literary Works

Author of highly original Novels, Short Stories and Poems that stimulate and broaden horizons...

Fiction & Poetry by Philip Goddard - Purposefully looking below the surface, to see what may actually be there - Not what people believe is there


Example: cover of his 5th novel...

Three Blind Executioners, by Philip Goddard - book cover

4. Broad Horizon Nature

Broad Horizon Nature - Photos & Natural Soundscape Recordings - To Invigorate and Inspire, and Cultivate Health in Body and Mind
Broad Horizon Photos

Photos of nature and wild scenery subjects to uplift and improve one's life...


 Broad Horizon Natural Soundscapes

High-grade recordings of natural soundscapes.
Much healthier than listening to masses and masses of music!

CD Store (Natural Soundscapes)

Natural soundscapes CD store

- where you can buy from a large and still growing range of well produced CDs of these recordings.

Wind Chimes In the Wild
  -- Symphonies of Wind Chimes and Nature

Within Philip Goddard's overall Broad Horizon Natural Soundscapes programme is his Wind Chimes In the Wild series - a large collection of significant-length recordings of various sets of quality wind chimes in wild, reasonably natural surroundings, all recorded fully authentically, with no overdubbing, nor looping, nor having anything moving the chimes other than the wind you can hear - in considerable contrast to all the commercially produced recordings of wind chimes that he'd heard previously, which all had at least some type of faking. His Store here includes a large number of CD albums of these authentic chimes recordings - a big range indeed!

Most of the chimes recordings are of various combinations / ensembles of chimes, each tuned to a different scale so that we get the most exquisite musical effects - so these are not to be equated with 'relaxation' wind chimes recordings you may have encountered elsewhere. Each CD in this big collection brings a unique musical experience - in some cases being remarkably like a complex symphony, albeit composed and performed by 'Mother Nature'.

...and now, on This Site...

Please read on for Philip Goddard's personal 'feature' pages...

Breaths of fresh air...

Desktop Wallpaper

A small selection of photos of exhilarating views, including Scottish mountains for you to download, specially optimized for use as wallpaper on the Windows desktop.

Photos from hikes

A selective picture gallery from his regular hikes in South-West England.

Selected Hiking routes

Join him on some of his favourite hikes!
Itineraries, with some photos and interesting notes

And more...

Philip Goddard's Blog Pages

A new place, from June 2017, for him to present interesting experiences and pieces of current thinking and breaking news

How I Became a Hospital Bed Blocker
(-- Franz Kafka lives on in the RD&E Wonford hospital, Exeter!)

At least the little operation on the Author's backside went amazingly smoothly and healed fine with none of the expected troublesome pain. But that small event took the Author through a highly educational showcase of a darker and subhuman aspect of the hospital system, reminiscent of some of Franz Kafka's fictional representations of a labyrinthine dehumanized bureaucracy...

My Little Brush with Plantar Fasciitis
-- How I turned a potentially life-threatening situation upside-down

A more recent educational page, in which he recounts a seemingly desperate situation that developed for him, leading on from his initially getting a relatively minor pain under his left heel resulting from his first really long hike of the 2012 season, and how eventually he made a truly dramatic turn-around of the whole show, once, in desperation, he had at last made that necessary little extra effort really to understand...

Dartmoor in trouble

Overstocking with grazing animals - burning - and then the Army inflicts another nasty upon Southern England's little wilderness (a 'legacy' page now)...

Miscellaneous Box

Useful suggestions, references and links to other sites of interest: Friendly or / and useful links, Music, Computer matters

Some Second-hand Items For Sale

These items are only for personal collection in Exeter, UK.


Do you want to be 'appropriate'? ...Or authentic ?


If there is any basic 'message' underlying this and my other websites, it is about the tremendous advantages and benefits of being truly authentic as distinct from merely 'appropriate' in your outlook and lifestyle. Being truly authentic is the ultimate mental health, which makes a mockery of the travesty of the 'mental health' that is aspired to in so-called mental health services and organisations. The vast majority of people are to varying extents actually programmed* to shy away from authenticity and take refuge in 'appropriateness'.

* I use that word not just as a figure of speech but actually to signify something quite sinister. I am referring to real programming, and it comes from none other than a seriously troublesome non-physical influence that I call the garbage (aka 'dark force', 'forces of darkness', 'forces of evil'), which interferes with every single person on the planet. It is that programming that distorts a certain level of a person's consciousness to create the 'soul', which latter is thus a dysfunctional or pathological manifestation, as I explain in The True Nature of 'The Forces of Darkness' and its Interference and Attacks. It appears that I myself lack such programming, because I belong to a small minority of people who are no-soul incarnations - in other words, direct, 'immediate' incarnations of fundamental consciousness ('the Ultimate'). Such people are naturally authentic and find other people's 'appropriateness' bewildering and trivial.

So, what do I mean here by these terms?

The freedom of self-realization and authenticity...Always at the risk of being accused by members of the 'Appropriateness' Brigade of brazenly flaunting a super-big ego (indeed on occasions they not only accuse me but abuse too!), on my websites I point to what true authenticity can be like, for I myself have always been dedicated to my own authenticity and am nowadays doing what I can, within the bounds of maintaining reasonable balance in my own life, to stimulate and catalyse the cultivation and growth of authenticity in others.

The process of cultivating your own authenticity - making yourself increasingly a manifestation of your own, perfect, deepest nature - is what I mean by the terms self-realization and self-actualization, and on my Self-Realization site you get a whole and very challenging perspective on how you can progressively become fully authentic yourself, free from all hindering and obstructive influences, whether those are from other people, emotional issues that you are carrying, or from troublesome non-physical sources (particularly interferences from the garbage, many of whose actually illusory manifestations get described as astral or 'dark' entities).

Through being authentic rather than 'appropriate', I have at various times in my life caused bewilderment among people who knew me, because I would get deeply into some particular interest or activity and then, after a while, I would move on and take up something else. It was amazing how seemingly highly intelligent people would berate me for suddenly not conforming to one or another stereotype that they had placed upon me, and that I had suddenly broken for them. Some wanted me to be a stereotype 'gay' to comfort them in their own sexuality issues, which latter they were not doing anything to resolve. Others wanted me to be a devoted entomologist with no significant other interests. Others wanted me to remain just a poet, or just a writer of novels and short stories, or just a nature photographer, or just a composer of major musical works, or just a healer or 'spiritual teacher'. They were all seeing and to varying extents attaching themselves to limited images of me, rather than actually the authentic me!

For the same reason, quite a few people get edgy and uptight about me on the basis of what is on my websites, because they find my own expansiveness of outlook and life experience to be alien to their 'appropriateness'-related restrictedness of outlook. You can see the odd examples of that sort of thing in my Visitors' Book, and I get the occasional personal communications of a similar nature. The words 'ego' and occasionally 'arrogant' get thrown at me like mud pies, and such individuals who are themselves in some supposed self-realization / self-actualization or 'spiritual' path are additionally inclined to seek to impose upon me their own opinions and beliefs, lecturing and haranguing me, seeking to convince me or the world that I am a misguided impostor or charlatan who is falsely claiming that I'm enlightened and falsely claiming that I've found true clarity or truth, and of course I'm accused of seeking to impose my own supposed 'beliefs' upon other people - yet these people show no evidence that they themselves are enlightened or particularly self-realized (they simply have strong beliefs about enlightenment and self-actualization), and they offer nothing positive nor constructive that would in any way make their communications worthwhile.

What those people are really communicating is fear. Their particular programming makes them react out of fear when they countenance a person being as authentic as can be and demonstrating a true abundance of life experience, because their more limited view born in their own 'appropriateness' is then being implicitly challenged, and it is fear that is the distorted 'consciousness energy' that holds their 'appropriateness' programming in place.

A particularly common distorted 'appropriateness'-sourced opinion that is put to me is that anyone who is seen to be some sort of 'spiritual teacher' (not that that is an appropriate description of me nowadays anyway) should be very modest, quietly spoken and humble, and should have no abundance in their lives, and should not publicly mention any special achievements, abilities or 'gifts' of theirs, including such things as their being enlightened*. That, dear friends, is one of the sick distortions of supposedly enlightened living that come from certain religious traditions - notably most Buddhist traditions - and actually is among the things that demonstrate the harmfulness of those traditions through their permeation with control agenda (albeit sometimes quite subtle). On my Self-Realization site I explain the source of such distortions**, and how all religions, without any exception that I know of, and indeed all so-called spiritual paths, are leading people in a direction that would horrify virtually everyone if they came to properly understand what is really going on.

* For more about that issue, please see Modesty and Humility - Cutting through the Confusion.
** Please see The True Nature of 'The Forces of Darkness' and its Interference and Attacks.

However, my 'message' is not a paranoid one, because it is about seeing the problem clearly in order to effectively address it and, as far as possible, actually resolve it. True paranoia has no thought of real solutions! And, to the best of my understanding, the issue of the garbage's interference in everyone's lives, giving rise to 'appropriate' rather than authentic living, and indeed virtually all the world's significant problems, is indeed apparently soluble at least to some degree - to the extent that people wake up to the fact and are willing and motivated to take appropriate simple, painless, safe and completely non-scary measures.

For a light-hearted literary portrayal of authentic vs 'appropriate' living, please see The Man With the Knobbly Knees.

If you understand, things are as they are.

If you do not understand, things are as they are.

If you believe that things are, or should be, one way or another,
you have not yet understood.


"It's really cool to be normal..."

Portrait of a normal person

Why are you banging your head against that wall?

Sorry, I don't have time to stop and think about such things. I'm too busy banging my head against this wall. -- Oh, please do me a favour and pass the Paracetamol... -- And while you're about it, please bring the television round here so that I can watch it while I'm banging my head on this wall. You do need some entertainment to make life bearable, you know...

(later) ...So, you're still banging your head against that wall, then!

Do you really mean that I shouldn't do what I enjoy? People should be free to do what they enjoy! That's what we're here for - to enjoy ourselves!


Portrait of a self-actualized, healthily functioning person

Why aren't you banging your head against that wall?

Oh, that! I tried it a long time ago, and it hurt and was most incredibly boring. Just look at my freedom and clarity and ease of being and all the happiness and abundance in my life now because I don't keep doing that silly thing and getting stuck in pointless ruts!

Well, in that case, at least you should take some Haloperidol to help cure you of your condition.

- Er, you're telling me that H- (expletive censored) is a self-actualization aid and brings happiness and abundance and positivity to one's life?

...And also you should use your television more, to help cure you...

What television? Where? My life is so full of wonderful things, why would I need one of those? ...Okay, if I ever have cause to get a big hole made in my head I'll consider getting a television at the same time...

(later) ...I see you're still not banging your head against that wall! Don't you ever let your hair down and enjoy yourself? You really should, you know. It's unnatural and not normal if you don't just let go and enjoy yourself a bit. ...You're nuts!

Then best not to eat me if you're sensitive to them!

Are you really so sure you want to be 'normal'?

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